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Fault Finder - Diagnostic Training - Powered by Pro-Auto Training

  • Pro-Auto provide the very best quality automotive technical training and ATA assessment services
  • Access to dozens of training articles covering: Anti-lock Braking Systems, Air Conditioning Systems, Diagnositc Techniques, Essential Electrical Skills, Hybrid Technology, Multiplex CAN Databus Systems and Oscilloscope Testing
  • Access to detailed diagrams and illustrations

Extract from one of the many Diagnostic Training articles:

ABS - the systems

Basic operational overview

The ABS ECU monitors individual wheel speeds and calculates overall vehicle speed by taking an average of these values. The picture shows a typical layout of an ABS equipped vehicle.

The stop light switch provides a signal that the ECU can use to determine that the brakes are being applied. The ECU, through the monitoring of the wheel speed sensor signals calculates any sudden reduction in wheel speed. The ECU will now control the hydraulic brake actuator to provide optimum brake fluid pressure to each brake to achieve maximum deceleration conditions.

The hydraulic brake actuator operates on control signals from the ECU to ‘reduce’, ‘hold’ or ‘increase’ brake fluid pressure as necessary in order to achieve and maintain an ideal slip ratio of 10% to 30% and avoid wheel lock up. These changes of braking state can be effected at a frequency of up to 60 times per second.

Types of ABS control

It is important to understand that the ABS is an addition to the existing conventional brake system. It does not replace any existing components.

Conventional hydraulic brake circuits appear in various different layouts (often determined by the weight distribution characteristics of the vehicle) and this can have a bearing on ABS hydraulic variances.

Hydraulic control variations

Diagonally split circuit

This system is often used on vehicles that have an uneven weight distribution, such as front engine, front wheel drive. This ensures that in the event of a single system failure there is always one loaded wheel that can be braked effectively. As the two rear brakes are not connected directly together (or the two fronts), the ABS actuator has to provide separate hydraulic connections for all four braked wheels. This is known as ‘four solenoid control’.

Front to rear split circuit

In the case of front to rear split circuits (even weight distribution vehicle layout), the actuator could have just one outlet for the rear brakes. It is important to note that the steered wheels are always controlled independently because of their importance to the maintenance of control (steerability). If just a single hydraulic connection were used for the rear brakes then this would be known as ‘three solenoid control’.

Technical Information Bulletins - Powered by Blue Print

  • Technical information library that is constantly updated
  • Access to dozens of technical articles
  • Comprehensive product information
  • Detailed technical tips

Example of one of the many Blue Print Technical Bulletins:

Cabin Filter Locator - Powered by Blue Print

  • Cabin filter locator guide for dozens of vehicles
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Part number detail included

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Blue Print is working with leading trainers in the automotive industry to develop a portfolio of IMI approved training courses for the modern car mechanic. The courses cover both fundamental skills and modern techniques in a range of popular and important subjects.

The following courses are available to book NOW:

  • Air Con Systems and Refrigerant Handling Certification - Diagnosis and Repair
  • Air Con Systems and Refrigerant Handling Certification - Servicing
  • Essential Electrical Skills
  • Multiplex & CAN Databus Systems (Including practical training)

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